A script was developed, which was based on jQuery for development convenience. LESS is used for styles in order to facilitate the reuse and scalability of code.

It provides 28 style components, and 20 script components enabling various functions. More UI components are scheduled to be added in the future, such as sliders and switches.

The style components provide various options in addition to the basic functionality. In addition, script components can be added, which facilitate the development of more diverse UI components.


The script provides 16 grids for the background of charts, 77 brushes and 19 widgets associated with interactivity. Moreover, themes can be applied to web pages.

The JUI library is compatible with most of browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3
(Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE 9+).

The library is capable of processing millions of records, and provides a number of different options and functions. It also includes a powerful table component, which can present records in tree form.